The Duck Said Baaaa!

Jack’s First Book.  We are all different.

Pig Flew

Who said pigs can’t fly? Reach for your dreams!

Bitsy Blew a Bubble

Bitsy is HERE!
You can definitely tell Jack is a teacher.  His way of addressing modern issues in a fun way relates well to children of all ages.

Philadelphia, PA

The Duck Said Baaaa! celebrates our differences and messages the pure joy of unconditional love.  Great for all ages!

A True Fan

Jack Kohler is a teacher, writer and artist who hopes his work will inspire you to reach for your dreams and live life to its fullest potential. Click the link below to catch-up on his creative projects, download lesson plans and get some ideas for fun activities.
On The Road

On The Road

We have been completely fortunate to meet some of the greatest people while traveling around selling our books.  Whether it is someone looking for the children, grand-child or as a gift, we seem to be the perfect fit. Most recently we were at: Cincinnati, OH -...



We love to receive pictures of people with their books and shirts.  The support has been tremendous. Here is one of our favorites from our last trip to Cincinnati. Please feel free to send us some of your pictures at or share it on our...

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